Project Description

Our good friends at Tienda Digital asked us to create them some portfolio pieces as they had some very happy customers that they wanted to shout about and their enthusiasm could not be communicated as clearly through text. We met with their clients at their own places of work to give a sense of purpose and some context. We always bring professional lights with us to make sure that the subject looks their absolute best. Using beauty lighting techniques we can smooth out the skin and give a nice natural tone to them as opposed to most lights companies use that leave them looking shiny and red. Our director has training in making people feel comfortable on camera and once our subject is nice and comfortable we chat to them to get the best we can from their experience. After we cut this with B-Roll and some shots of the app, software and website working as it should we have a really strong piece for Tienda’s website.

These pieces helped Tienda communicate their messages to their future clients and really help clients to trust them and understand their professionalism and expertise.