Project Description

We were approached by Delineo Marketing Agency to produce a series of online promotional films for Aldermore’s new campaign, ‘The Can Do Bank’.

We worked alongside the Delineo team who drafted a storyboard for each video whilst we provided ideas and advice on the best way to execute the idea.

Delineo wanted to explain Aldermore’s various services using a 3-Doodler pen, literally lifting Aldermore’s ideas of the page. It was a new challenge for us as we had not worked with the 3-D pen before, so it required some clever cinematic tricks. We shot the series over two days in a Manchester photography studio, editing/colouring daily rushes on set to give everyone a better understanding on how the final films will look.

  • The campaign was a big success being nominated for the Prolific North Awards 2017.
  • Over 260,000 combined online video views.
  • Delivered a 30% YOY increase in sales.
  • Produced 415 direct and assisted account opens.

Meet the team behind the videos

Aldermore – Savings promo

Lazy Money Campaign Video