Project Description

EdUnion and the Confucius institute at UCLan run some incredible projects helping cross culture exchange programs between children in Britain and those in China. The Confucius institute wanted to document and celebrate the work that they do through a 45 minute documentary.

We were given creative freedom to produce a documentary that gave a personal insight into the programme.

We wanted to give the audience an exclusive insight into the exchange programme. We wanted to focus on three Chinese students, as this allowed us to create a clear storyline for each and gave the audience an opportunity to connect with the participants and follow their individual journeys rather than just gathering a broad understanding of the programme.

We worked directly with EdUnion to plan the week meticulously, they selected the children that were most comfortable with being on camera and when the Chinese school arrived at the high school in Ormskirk we were ready to meet them. From the first time they met their new friend to the first time, they saw their room we see them grow more comfortable as people and as friends. With a unique look through the perspective of the kids the parents and the teachers it is an experience as we see this modern phenomenon called the culture swap.

We worked with a Chinese translator throughout the process, interviewing the students and working with us during the editing stages when subtitling the documentary.

  • The project was shot in February 2017 and completed in August 2017, and has since been presented to schools, both in the UK and China, as part of a sales presentation.
  • The documentary also has an additional goal to be broadcasted on China TV (CCTV).


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