Project Description

We were brought in by marketing agency 3ManFactory to shoot and edit the University of Central Lancashire’s Freshers fair.

3ManFactory provided us with the goals of the video and what they would like to include. We were given the creative freedom to shoot and edit a video that we felt reflected UCLan and the event. This project was given immediate focus as both the shooting and editing had to be completed within a 4-day deadline.

We wanted to create a fast-paced and exciting promotion to capture a three-day event within a 2-minute video. We went for a documentary style, as this gives a true reflection of the fair. This also allowed us to incorporate vox pops with new students, sharing their experiences with the university, societies and campus.

For an online viewer, a documentary piece showcases a realistic view on UCLan and the freshers fair. The aim of this project is to persuade future students and reassure parents that the University of Central Lancashire is the perfect choice for further education. A documentary-style achieves this.

  • Within 2 hours, the video reached over 3400 thousand viewers, 26 shares and 115 reactions. (As of 22/07/17)