Project Description

We were approached to produce a satirical commercial for SunLife’s Courtesy Pets campaign. The project had to fit within the required budget, needed to be around a minute in length and engage with social media viewers.

This was aimed for an April Fools Day release, which would require a tight production schedule.

The idea was to give the impression that SunLife were now offering courtesy pets whilst their own pet was at the vets, but with hilarious results.

With only a 10 day turnaround, we had to bring in multiple actors, a rabbit, boa constrictor and a llama to several locations. We shot on a high spec camera, brought in a make-up artist, full crew and animal wranglers to ensure everyone was safe, and that we could shoot efficiently.

  • The campaign reached over 3 million people in one day!
  • The video was viewed over 530,000 times just on Facebook.
  • Covered by AOL and Spectator Money
  • Brand consideration rose by 12%
  • Sales rose by 4.4%
  • 1,848 active shares on Facebook
  • Awarded at the PR Week National Awards.

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