Project Description

We were brought in to co-produce, shoot and organise the production for a online commercial for PayAsUGym.

The commercial had to clearly establish the branding and purpose of the PayAsUGym app within 30 seconds.

The idea was to show just how close you could be to a potential gym, no matter where you were or what you were doing. Whether you were in the office or relaxing at home, there is a gym near you to keep you going!

The shoot consisted of two shooting dates (one being a contingency date for pick-up shots). Although shoots are storyboarded and shot listed, there may still be times during the post-production stage that additional shots could really help complete the commercial. This was something request by the client and needed to be done quickly, which is why we offer all clients a flexible service. There was a possibility that the commercial could be broadcast so we used an ARRI Alexa with Kowa Anamorphic’s lenses, allowing for a high quality, cinematic image. Finally, we worked with CHEAT colouring in London to give the image that final touch.

  • As a result from positive feedback undertaken by the client, the commercial was released as national television commercial in 2017 and continues to be broadcast on various channels.
  • Brand awareness and sign-ups increased since the release
  • Over 860,000 organic views on YouTube

PayAsUGym Commercial Video Production