Project Description

We pitched alongside two other video production companies to produce a 25-minute fictional film, aimed to raise awareness and educate new staff on dementia care.

We were successful in our proposal and was briefed to create a film that got into the mindset of a woman suffering from dementia. We were told that, “The NHS offer great care to dementia patients, but they do not offer great dementia care”, meaning that our film had to inspire and educate nurses, doctors, porters and other staff members on the problems dementia patients face.

The first challenge in this project was producing a script that, not only took an audience on an emotional rollercoaster and created sympathy for the lead character, but also educated and gave NHS staff an effective educational resource. This meant working closely with the NHS and getting an firm understanding of the processes various staff undertake with dementia patients. Once the educational/training elements were outlined and placed in a timeline, we were able to write a short film that connected with the audience emotionally and dived into the complex mind of a dementia sufferer.

The second challenge was to produce a hectic shoot within a working hospital and finding extras to participate. To achieve this we brought in an Assistant Director, whom was responsible for the efficiency and smooth running of the shoot. For extras, we auditioned the staff within the NHS Trust. We had an amazing turnout of staff, eager to play a part. The role of our main character, Lucy, was carefully selected by Anthony (Director) in order to ensure, the role created the impact needed. Additional actors were brought in to play secondary roles, as these also required larger speaking parts.

Organising a shoot on this scale was the greatest challenge of all, requiring a large crew, equipment, locations and talent. The shoot, however, was a complete success.

  • Since premiering the film has gone on to serve as a key educational resource within the NHS.
  • The film and project recieved critical acclaim and accredited by influential leaders of dementia care.
  • The ‘Diary of a Bed Number’ project recieved 3 awards at the NHS Trust including 2 for the film (Writing & Production)
  • The film was also selected for the London Lift Off Film Festival in 2016.


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