Project Description

Every year ASDA hold a festive event to celebrate their employee’s achievements as well as provide vital information on the Christmas sales and products.

We were asked to produce a motivational film to kick start the event, focussing on various achievements made by ASDA and their employees. We were also brought in to record the event for internal use.

We used a two camera set-up and brought in additional crew for sound mixing and production management in order to keep to a tight schedule. We were given full access to the store and the event, allowing us to cover the full event.

Additional videos were also produced for various points throughout the day.

  • Since our first project with ASDA, we have since continued to cover several events and produce content for International Women’s Day.

The feedback I received from the Senior Directors was amazing. All round excellent service that you provided.

Fiona Kerr • ASDA

Due to the confidential information exchanged during this event, we are unable to provide final edits.