We were contacted by Musco Lighting Systems as they needed a great quality commercial video to show off their new lighting system in the best way possible. Their new system involved having lights choreographed to several tracks during match days at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium.

An iPhone camera or even a DSLR would not have been able to capture the range of light and shadows needed when the huge, stadium-wide lights illuminated the Emirates stadium in the dead of night. For this reason, we hired two cinema cameras, specifically designed to capture a great image under huge lights and render colours and shapes perfectly. After meeting some of the team at Arsenal and the lighting technicians through Musco we were lead out to the stadium and had access to wherever we needed to go. We started pitch side and captured the light show on the field and then moved further up in the seating areas to get the grand shot of the entire stadium.

Once we had edited the light show together with the music for the promo we handed it to Musco who used it to close a huge sale within that week. This was great news for everyone involved and we were delighted that they were so happy with the final product. We are unable to present the full video online, however, when a version does go live, we will be posting it on our Twitter page.

This is a great example of ‘quality reflects quality’. The fact that Musco were able to present such a strong and good looking video to their next potential clients showed that they really cared about their product and how it is received but also showed the system off to its full potential and captured the essence of what it would be like to experience the show in real life.

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