Content Marketing. It’s a buzz word now. There are hundreds of ‘how to’ videos, social media snippets and brand promos that are uploaded online every day! ‘Meet the team’ and tours of the office also have a common place in the marketing strategy. How many do you know?

Now, ask yourself how many of those videos are actually good? Part of our job is to constantly research the new styles and types of marketing video that are being uploaded, so we have seen a lot. So many of them look terrible and the sound is so bad you are hitting the volume keys at 100% just to try to hear them. If anything, it seems like it could tarnish your brand, not boost it.

But why are they so bad? Well, whilst the ideas behind the videos and marketing strategies are solid, the execution has generally suffered by a lack of skill and craft.

Getting your content professionally made is the BEST way to make yourselves look like industry leaders and innovators. You need to show that you really care about your customers and will take the time and effort needed in order to give them what they want. In return, they will love your brand even more and know exactly where to go when they want your product/service.

Video content marketing is an amazing way to not only reach, but engage your audience. By giving small bits of information away you turn customers into loyal advocates for your brand whom not only love your product, but are grateful to your company. It also proves you know what you are talking about and sets you at the top of your industry. On top of this, it does wonders to increase your SEO and drive huge amounts of traffic to your website.

We always offer a free consultation meeting and would love to meet with you or your clients about putting together a video content marketing campaign. We offer several packages from producing the content to managing the YouTube channels on your behalf.

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