Late last year we were commissioned by YOUSEF and PayAsUGym to produce and shoot a 30 second TV commercial. YOUSEF provided a script and initial concept so we went straight to work hiring the necessary crew and equipment.

They wanted a very cinematic look for the piece: no problem as this is our specialty. We shot on one of the most advanced camera systems in the world: The Alexa Mini. Conversely, we used some vintage lenses that give a really wide image with beautiful out of focus lights to create a blockbuster feel. The camera had to move freely, fluidly and quickly so we mounted it on a 3-Axis gimbal system to suspend it in a single position while we hand held it.

The Alexa Mini being prepared and stabilised for the next shot tv advert

The Alexa Mini being prepared and stabilised for the next shot.

Next, we hired our crew and lighting equipment. Daniel, our camera assistant, was a star, as you can see above his role was to set up the camera system as quickly as possible in each location, this sped up the shoot to no end and contributed to us getting it all filmed within the day. With a crew of up to 10 at any one time, the actors, juggling locations and all the gear, it was essential to have an assistant director to plan and coordinate the shoot, making sure that everyone was where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be there. Shooting in Manchester meant an early start from our Preston office so several coffees later it was also her job to get everyone moving. It was a challenging shoot all around… and then it started raining.

Our Creative Director is not enjoying the Manchester weather tv advert

Our Creative Director is not enjoying the Manchester weather

The commercial was released at the start of 2017 and is continuing to run on television. The feedback we have received so far has been fantastic and is doing what video does best, creating trust with the audience, which, in turn, leads to sales! PayAsUGym is a fantastic concept, one that makes any gym goer’s life easier. What they wanted was a commercial that simply shared that concept to the world. Why not check out the commercial below to see what they offer!

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